Natalie Gotman – Time (Jako Diaz Remix)

For melodic and progressive house lovers.
New remix of ‘Time’ by Italian maestro Jako Diaz.
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Natalie Gotman – Time

The song was written before this entire crazy time, however the idea is not just relevant to now, but timeless. When the world is crashing down, you understand clearly that life is too short. So, do what you love, live with the one you love.

Vocal & Music: Natalie Gotman
Lyrics: Natalie Gotman, Dominic Johnson
Mix & Master: Alex Parker
Video: Meza
Release date: May 1, 2020

Natalie Gotman – I’m New (Remixes)

Natalie presents her new EP with remixes of her original single “I’m New”.

With collaborators from across Europe, the release combines a variety of electronic styles – from deep house to chillhop. Each track reimagines the song in new ways, transforming it’s mood every time. Many hours of work and joint effort were invested in each of them, to give you the very best we have.

Natalie Gotman – I’m New (Original & Extended Mix)

When a romantic ballad meets a groovy house beat, a track like nothing else is born. And if you add to it a gentle female vocal, disco elements and deep house synths, music is created that you can’t help but dance and fall in love to.

Vocal & Music: Natalie Gotman
Lyrics: Dominic Johnson, Natalie Gotman
Music Production: Andrew Benson
Mixing & Mastering: Arefyev Studio