Natalie Gotman – Rainy Night

New music! Let’s beat the autumn blues together. “Rainy Night” is based on a true story. It’s been almost 5 years since I moved to Germany, so I decided to release this version for the anniversary. Here I faced some difficulties with getting used to a new way of life, especially with the wet weather.

Lyrics: Natalie Gotman – Time

Counting the days I sail across the endless sea See through the haze What has happened to me Never thought I would ever fall so deep My love is the only thing that I could keep We can’t turn back time When I was yours alone And you were mine We can’t go back in

Natalie Gotman – Time

The song was written before this entire crazy time, however the idea is not just relevant to now, but timeless. When the world is crashing down, you understand clearly that life is too short. So, do what you love, live with the one you love. Vocal & Music: Natalie Gotman Lyrics: Natalie Gotman, Dominic Johnson

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Natalie Gotman – Better Way

From the soulful vocals to the vibey chords and a catchy hook, this new single from Natalie’s upcoming album shows all the colors of dance music. The track will either make you work up a sweat on the dance floor or just enjoy your time during the day. Natalie always stands for the high quality

Lyrics: Natalie Gotman – Better Way

1 When we first met I was gazing out Of some window thinking about The past, the rain, the future pain But you brought me back that day And then you looked into my eyes And ahead lay bluer skies With you I knew my future lay I could think of no better way No-no

Natalie Gotman – Your Heart

Natalie comes with a new single from her upcoming album. This track has everything you need for a hot summer time! Download and listen 

Lyrics: Natalie Gotman – Your Heart

Chorus: I wanna know your heart I wanna know your mind Tell me your thoughts Tell me what hurts you deep inside I wanna know your mind I wanna know your heart Your love is all I All I wanted from the start Oh Pull me closer, pull me closer Oh-Yeah Oh Take me deeper, deeper

Natalie Gotman – I’m New (Remixes)

Natalie presents her new EP with remixes of her original single “I’m New”. With collaborators from across Europe, the release combines a variety of electronic styles – from deep house to chillhop. Each track reimagines the song in new ways, transforming it’s mood every time. Many hours of work and joint effort were invested in