Natalie Gotman – singer, songwriter and composer. Nowadays she has a background of collaboration with top Russian DJs and producers, including Karas, Agent Smith, DJ Kiriloff, deals with European and local music labels, airplays on dance radio stations, as well as performances at concert venues and private events. But what started her musical path?

Natalie’s creativity appeared in the early childhood due to her father’s passion for music. Since 7 she sang in the music school choir, and later on continued to hone her singing on a professional level with renowned vocal coaches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Hamburg.

Her music career started as a singer in a popular Siberian music band being still a teenager, but having proved herself as a songwriter and musician. The band has been very popular in this region, constantly toured and performed on big venues together with Russian stars.

Soon Natalie moved to Moscow and St. Petersburg, where she combined creative searches and experiments with studying in the university and working. She took part in the TV show “STS Zazhigaet Superzvezdu”, where she sang the encore together with Dima Bilan and was the opening act in St. Petersburg club for the British old school legend General Levy.

As a member of different bands, Natalie performed at festivals and concert venues in Moscow and St.Petersburg, working also as a session singer in the studio and advertising projects.

Moving to Germany at the end of 2015 made her reconsider her own creativity, embrace the experience and put together the material to launch her own solo project. Currently Natalie Gotman actively works on new songs and plans to release them.